This MoviePass Membership helps you replace the cost of watching TV from Cable services which can easily be over $1200 per year you’re paying out of pocket! Why not cut the cord and enjoy TV like never before with MYCBH-TV software which comes with a direct link to your MoviePass membership?

MYCBH-TV is now available as a download for your PC & Mac running PC OS. Together with MoviePass, Netflix and a family of your favorite cable channels, Youtube, Twitch, and many others, you will never feel a loss by cutting the cord today!
1 – SYFY 1- HBO 1 – CNN
1 – Political Consultant

2 – Chief Information Officer
3 – Fund Raising


This Unique Program Features:


Travel To The Best Locations At A Fraction of The Cost OR FOR FREE!

haven’t traveled or vacationed until you’ve had the ALL-INCLUSIVE Resort
experience with Butler service and all the frills thrown in for you and your

Sandals Resorts like the one featured above, are the best and
truly ALL-INCLUSIVE – meaning that you don’t have to bring money on this
experience as you get all included: food, drinks, amenities, etc. (Only a few
top of the line amenities require a fee).

But with this exclusive
program, you can travel to any destination you want in the whole world! You
simply apply the Dollar Credits you accumulate toward any purchase of travel
with our inhouse Travel Agency – Blue Umbrella Vacations LLC.


Also Help Family & Friends Travel At Discount!

Travel Credits can also be shared with family and friends according to your
generosity. You can apply your credits to cover family and friends traveling
with you or traveling without you – as long as you make the arrangements with
Blue Umbrella Vacations and your guests arrange their travel through Blue
Umbrella Vacations LLC.


Plan Your Travel Ahead Of Time Without Worrying About The Money!

With your membership today, you can immediately start planning your next
vacation and begin immediate savings.  The number one way to save BIG on
travel is to start EARLY setting up your travel plans!

This one step
alone can often save you hundreds of dollars in Travel costs. Most people won’t
do it because they must outlay cash almost immediately to secure their low
price. But Blue Umbrella Vacations LLC. and Dreamcation can help you make this
concern a thing of the past!

Book early and SAVE lots of money – START


This Whole Program Promotes Itself! You Don’t Need To Worry About
Recruiting Or Selling Anything!

start by joining this program using the link in the upper right corner of this
page. After that, this website will create a page just like this one for you and
you will receive simple instructions on how to spend just 5 minutes every day to
build up your Travel credits in this program.

You can invite family and
friends also to join you through your own page like this one.

Together and with only 5 minutes a day, your membership will begin increasing in
Travel Credits (equal to U.S. Dollars) which you will then use when planning
your vacations and travel from now on!


Finally – Your Efforts Will Make You Money!

It will help you sell any product or service you have online, increase and maintain targeted traffic to your websites, recruit team members, add monetization to your recruitment process and to all aspects of your marketing strategy with our proven techniques: you will be selling and adding members like crazy!

It’s all in the high value reports you need to order from your sponsor’s banner ad page.


Promote All of Your Links From One Place!

Programs provide advertising banners each promoting your websites, sales pages and offers and then each of those banners will also be promoted by 10’s, 100’s and then thousands of other marketers who drive ever increasing traffic and sales to your offers and website!

No more running around ragged promoting all over the place – alone!


Our Network of Software Is Your Secret Army Helping
Promote Your Links!

We drive massive traffic to your offer with our Traffic & Sales Building software! We will help promote your offer to all of our software users around the Internet. Hundreds of our software users will get a chance to see your ad pages right in their software and many decide to join up through the software too!


Our Apps & Plugins Join In!

Then we add your program links to our apps and WordPress Plugins which will then be seen by hundreds and thousands of website owners, administrators, authors and users alike!

Most marketers slave away at promoting and adding website management, security hassles, content writing and a host of other pressing worries to their already heavy schedules. Traffic Multiplex reduces your marketing worry to just a handful of daily tasks – take a few moments to do them and that’s all!


You Can Add Optional Interstitial Ads!

Your offer will appear on our global interstitial ad network! We have many users who use our url redirection services which we use to insert interstitial ads in between the links so that your ad pages or links will be seen by hundreds and thousands of more people everyday!

Our software, apps and plugins also have the same capabilities enabled.

When you advertise and market with Traffic Multiplex, you’re getting the help of the Internet’s largest army promoting along with you!


Many Ways To Make Money With This Membership!

This program will simply make you money. It is easy, straightforward, and its a tried and true way to create income online. Because it helps build massively the best organic and social media links that bring hoards of targeted traffic to your websites & offers! We create massive back links, articles, videos and other organic traffic producers! Orders will be ever increasing month after month!

Income will shoot through the roof! Your team and networking business will finally enrich you!

Traffic Multiplex is a COOPERATIVE Traffic & Team Recruiting System.
Every advertiser/team member
agrees to perform a daily marketing instruction set.
While you promote your set,
everybody else is promoting yours!
As your team grows, so does your traffic
pulling & recruitment footprint throughout the Internet – growing more and more every day!
You Will Get FULL Details & Simple To Follow Instructions After You Have Completed Your Registration Process!



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